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Wireless Cat Ear Headphones That Will Make Your Cat Jealous

Wireless Cat Ear Headphones That Will Make Your Cat Jealous

Meow Meow Meow. Now Listen To Your Music With Wireless Cat Ear Headphones That Will Make Your Cat Jealous

Who said headphones cannot be classy and fashionable?  A classy headphone can add a spice to your outfit that is why we are introducing cat ear headphones to cool crown store! These are specially designed like headphones with cat ears. Just the type that will make your cat jealous. This special category of headphones has a high level of demand and popularity on the market. Yes, its trendy! As a result, Cool Crown Store will be exhibiting the greatest cat ear headphones that are fashionable, stylish, adorable, and, most importantly, have incredible features. Having a difficulty deciding the best birthday gift for your partner or best Christmas present for your friend? Cat ear headphones is your answer! These headphones are not just only designed with cat ears but it comes with lots of amazing features to give you the best headphone experience.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology which include 3.5mm audio port which allows for headphone easy to pair with a stable connection.
  • Premium wireless headphones for private listening which pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth enables device. It can also be used with line mode. The wireless distance is 10 meters. Also, you can use an SD card to listen to the song, and that you don’t need any connection.
  • Rechargeable 500Mah battery with up to 8 hours playing time per charge.
  • 40mm dual dynamic voice which gives the best enjoyment.
  • System support IOS and android phones
  • Soft padded leather material which comes in color pink, sky blue, purple, pink grey and blue.


After lots of research and feedback from users, Cool crown store has been able to outline special reasons why this cat ear headphones are your best choice for purchase.  


Cat ear headphones have 40 mm high-quality speakers for maximum enjoyment. For easy operation, a total feature controller is used. This headphone also has a built-in Bluetooth microphone, which allows you to enjoy hands-free listening and high-definition phone calls. This headset won’t let you down when it comes to gaming immersion, thanks to virtual 7.1 multi-channel surround sound. It also has a vibration setting that you can switch on or off according to your preferences.

The bass response is good, and the sound quality is superb overall.


Colorful LED flashing light illuminates the cat ear headphones, allowing you to adjust the setting according to your mood or personality. The sleek and fashionable designs of this charming headset with a glowing cat ear design have separately regulated volume and brightness. The headphones with cat ears are available in Cool crown store in 5 different colors choices to select from. This color includes sky blue, pink grey, pink, purple and blue.


This headphones with cat ears have noise-cancelling features which block out external noise and allows for fewer intrusions and more convenience. Moreover, who does not want to cut off from the world while listening to soul refreshing music?  Cat headphones with intelligent noise reduction is definitely the best choice!


Cool crown store cat headphones are wireless which makes it last longer and saves you from the hassles of entangling wires. This wireless headset gives you a chic appearance and you don’t have to be concerned about moving too far from connections.


This headphone cat ears works with almost all smartphones, tablets, and laptops, including iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. This can be used with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Mac, and other devices. During games, you can adjust the level and mute the mic using the in-line control box. Control the volume and turn on/off the microphone with ease. This cat ear headset has a USB connection that can be converted to a USB-C connection using an adapter. 


Since a headphone covers an individual's ears, its comfort is a crucial issue to consider before purchasing. The cat ear headphone is exceptionally pleasant to wear for extended periods of time, so your head will not become sore after several hours of use. The ear cup and headband coverings of Cool Crown store's cat ears headphones are padded with soft leather earmuffs which is friendly to the skin and incredibly comfortable, allowing you to use them for a long period. This covering keeps your ears from sweating, which is very useful in the summer. Furthermore, the headband is easily adjustable and collapsible for increased convenience and easy travel and can fit into the head of both children and adults perfectly.


Who doesn’t want a headphone with a great battery life? This means less frequent charging and as a result a more convenient life.  Headphones with cat ears has a long-lasting, integrated built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery which provides up to 40 hours of combined listening and talks time on a single charge. If you turn off the LED lights and don't use the speakers embedded into the cat ears, you'll get more playtime.


The controls are straightforward. The cat headphones have power/play/pause button, volume/track buttons, and a micro-USB charging connection which are all located on the right cup. The LED button and an AUX port are located on the left cup. All lights on, earcup lights on, cat ear lights on, and all lights flashing are the four LED modes you can choose from. You can also switch off the lights by pressing the LED button.  This simply means, you may modify volume, switch songs, accept calls, reject calls, hang up calls, Bluetooth playback, call replay, Bluetooth connection, voice prompts, battery display, pure English broadcast, and much more.


Cool crown store provides you with cat headphones that are easy to use. This feature is crucial because this headset with cat ears is utilised by both youngsters and adults. It does not necessitate the installation of any software or drivers. Simply insert your SD card or pair with a Bluetooth device to have the pleasure of your life!

Finally, these glowing cat ear headphones are specially for music lovers and fashion enthusiasts, cosplayers, girlfriends and so on and can be your best choice for a best birthday gift or best Christmas present. You can listen privately or share your music with friends and family.  So, what are you waiting for? Buy cool crown store’s cat ear headphones today as a gift for friends and family and slay on a budget!


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