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Add Luxury To Your Car With These Custom Floor Mats

Add Luxury To Your Car With These Custom Floor Mats

Diamond Stitch Custom Car Floor Mats

When you buy a new car, you feel the need to protect your investment and keep it new for a longer period of time. Moreover, a car is a reflection of our personality and an accessory for us. Therefore, you should spend money on buying good quality car floor mats and the best ones are custom made car floor mats. Another reason is that the automobile industry standard is to make car mats that are made of rubber or carpet and those are not flattering and protecting enough for your vehicle and you may need a luxury car floor mat to give the interior edgy looks.

Custom made car floor mats of Cool Crown Store provides several benefits that include car mats of exact measurements for your car model. The custom floor mats are made according to the measurements of your car’s model, make, and year. It is necessary to do that because the car mats available in the market may not be according to the upgrades of your car and are not great for protection as the universal ones will leave some areas of the car exposed and the damage will affect the value of your car.



In addition to this, another benefit is that these custom floor mats for cars are an elegant upgrade for your car. The car floor mats made of rubber and carpet are not flattery enough to match with the luxury interior of the car. It is recommended to use genuine automobile leather or carbon fiber car mats as these are the most durable and stylish-looking ones. Using these will complete the look of your car and you can get matching mats of the same color as the interior of your car which is like a cherry on top.   

Depreciation of your assets including your car is unavoidable. When you go to resell your car, the condition of the car determines its value. If the cabin of your car looks damaged, stained, and dirty then the value of your car in terms of money will be lower. In this case, some good quality car mats can be of great help in maintaining your car’s condition and value as they help keep the interior good as new.

Furthermore, the custom car floor mats are easy to clean and give the car a cleaner look. The floor mats that are made up of carpet are difficult to clean and get stained which is painful to maintain. The custom ones will be durable, long-lasting and collect the dirt between its fibers so that the mud and dirt are easily removable. The carbon fiber and the leather mats both will not get stained and last longer than other types of mats that are available in the market. These diamond stitch custom car floor mats are simple to clean. You just need to take a wet cloth or towel to wipe them. And with proper care, these car mats stay in good condition and last for many years.

Finding mats that have all the aforementioned good qualities are difficult to find in the market and on the internet as well. However, the crown store’s custom-made luxury car floor mats have all such incredible qualities that are difficult to find anywhere else. Not only this, these mats are made with 5D (dimension) high precision laser guided technology that makes these mats unique, luxurious, and fit perfectly in your car. The company guarantees that these car mats are waterproof and stain-resistant and last a lifetime. 

Types and Styles Of Custom Car Mats We Offer

There are a number of different types of custom car floor mats that Cool Crown Store offers.  Their mats are premium custom luxury auto diamond stitch floor mats that are made by professionals who have experience in making these of over 20 years. Their experience and the quality material used for making these mats ensure that these cars mats are long-lasting and unique in style. You may be wondering that these mats have so many good qualities so these must come with hefty price tags but, the reality is the opposite. These diamond stitch car floor mats give the most value for money to its customers while still providing top quality products with top notch features. These 360-degree coverage mats are under $200 which is a great deal for car mats with great features. As cars are very expensive so a little care and protection will not only save them from damage but will also make the car cabin look stylish.

Style 1 of this company’s custom made car floor mat is branded with the logo. This style comes with the option of putting the logo of the brand of your car on the mats which gives a little extra fancy and luxury looks. The price of these custom made floor mats with logos starts with the price of $189.95. This style is available in many colors and also in different color combos like black and red. Another style is available that also gives full coverage but this style is without the logo. If you are a person who does not like the car’s brand logo everywhere in the car and like to keep the car mats simple then this style-2 is a perfect option for you. Like style 1 mats, style 2 mats are also available in different shades. This style 2 without logo custom made car floor mat set is available on the website for the price of $144.95. The standard diamond stitch pattern on these car floor mats gives these mats a luxury look. Cool Crown Store not only offers car floor mats but, also offers custom-fit trunks because the trunk space of your car also needs protection and to look stylish. These trunk mats are available for an affordable price of $99.95. You have to send the website your car model, its year of manufacture, the size of your trunk. In the case of floor mats, you will have to select the number of seats of your car, the position of the steering wheel, and finally the color you want for the car floor mats.

Color Options and Prices Of Our Car Mats

The colors and color combos available are; Coffee, Coffee Trunk Mat, Coffee with logo, Black Blue, Gray with logo, Brown, Beige with logo, Red, Wine Red with Logo, Gray, All Black with Logo, Brown with logo, Blue, Red Beige with logo, Black white with logo, Black Beige, Beige without logo, Black red, All Black, Beige Trunk Mat, Gray Trunk Mat, Purple Trunk Mat, Blue Trunk Mat, Black Red Trunk Mat, Black Beige Trunk Mat, Wine Red Trunk Mat, Red Trunk Mat, Brown Trunk Mat, Black Blue Trunk Mat, Black White Trunk Mat, Full Black Trunk Mat. The full sets with logo in any color and color combo cost $189.95 and sets without logo cost $144.95.       

These prices are affordable and totally justified with the quality of the product you will be getting. Getting these mats is an investment for your car which will last a lifetime of your car. The material of these covers and mats is made up of durable artificial leather which is great for automobiles accessories. Currently, Cool Crown Store is also offering promotional prices on all the sets of floor mats, covers, and other car accessories. So, you can get a full set of Premium Custom Luxury Car floor mats made especially for your car model for under $200 which is the best price in the market to get custom made luxury mats for your car. 

In addition to this, the company offers free delivery and the company will ship you your custom-made mats in less than two weeks. The order is processed within 24 hours which is quite quick and the production time to make the mats according to the measurement of your car is within 5 to 7 business days. After that, you are provided with a tracking number with which you can track your order and see where the order has reached. This tracking number is provided within 7 business days. The payment method is also easy and safe. You can make your payments with Paypal. With your order, Cool Crown Store also provides 24/7 assistance if you have any queries about the products or your order. What could be more amazing than that? Nothing!

If you are a person who is looking to buy mats to save the value of your vehicle, protect it from damage, make it look stylish, and luxurious then make sure that you go for top-notch quality products so that you don’t have to change your mats again and again. The best ones in all ways are the Custom Premium luxury car floor mats from Cool Crown Store as they are great to have for protection in all seasons and are totally slip-proof. Moreover, they are guaranteed to fit in your vehicle. Hence, it must be a consideration for your car as it has all the qualities that you may desire.  It also makes the best gift idea!

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