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Portable Toilet Folding Camping Outdoor Commode

$64.95 $33.99
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Portable Toilet Folding Camping Outdoor Commode

$64.95 $33.99
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This Portable Toilet Camping Bucket ideal folding portable toilet for camping and extended travel! It is easily transportable and can be compressed into a 2-inch thick tiny. For extended road journeys, camping, hiking, boating, and traffic jams, make your vacation more pleasant and straightforward.

The Toilet Camping Bucket can serve as a toilet for a car or camping, a seat with storage, a trash can, a little stool, a storage box, an indoor toilet for the elderly, and a bucket for pregnant women to throw up in, among other things. Many trash bags can be used to completely cover this folding toilet, eliminating the need for post-use cleanup.


1. FORM: Oval
2. COLOR: Black
3. WEIGHT: 2.3kg, 5pounds, can hold up to 330 pounds
4. MATERIAL: Soft leather - waterproof, strong resistance to fall and pressure, more sturdy and easy to clean & disinfect
5. DESIGN: Ergonomic Design, oval form, Ideal size, Comfortable for whole family use.
6. SIZE: Length*Width*Height
FOLD UP: 40.5*32.5*33.5cm (15.9*12.8*13.2 inch)
FOLD DOWN: 40.5*32.5*9cm(13.2*10.8*2.16inch)

ABS ordinary Length is about 33.5 cm, width is about 27 cm, height is about 25.5 cm, opening length is about 25.5 cm, width is about 20 cm


Step 1:Place the bottom cover on the side plate to unfold the bucket. Tips: put it on the side with lugs so that the bottom cover couldn't fall off.
Step 2:Put any 6-8 gallon bags into the hole, folded the top of the bag up, and wrap over the commode.
Step 3:Cover the hole lid on the top of the bucket to fix the bag for toilet use.
Step 4: After use, just tie up the bag and lift it out for disposal. keep clean after every use!


If you want to clean the commode surface, you can wash it with water or Chemical cleaner. Most of the time, The inner surface Does not need to clean by wrapping the disposable toilet bags, after every use, just tie up the bag and lift it out for disposal.


1) when you fold up the commode, remember to put the bottom cover on the side plate with raised points so that the bottom cover can be held and couldn't fall off.


  • Material: ABS
  • Installation Type: Floor Mounted
  • Flushing Method: Gravity Flushing
  • Flushing Flowrate: 4.8L
  • Feature: Concealed Tank



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